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Is your new dryer not working as expected? Expert repairmen at Speedy Appliance Repair can help solve all big and small dryer repair issues. We have helped thousands of people get their household appliance specially dryers running back into action the same day! So if you want to experience outstanding customer satisfaction without wasting a dime on dryer repairs - Speedy Appliance Repair is your answer. Moreover, we can help you solve all dryer issues, including: 

Dryer that won't turn on
Dryer not spinning
Dryer is thumping
Dryer smells bad
Dryer won't heat up
Dryer won't stop
Dryer stopped working
Dryer is squeaking
Dryer trips breaker
Dryer gets extremely hot
Dryer stops in the middle
Dryer doesn't complete a cycle
Dryer doesn't properly dry clothes
Dryer takes a long time to dry clothes
Dryer vibrates or makes strange noises
Error code appeared on the dryer panel

Expert Dryer Repairs Service

As an Appliance Repair service provider, we understand the importance of a functioning dryer in the home. That's why we ensure all of our common dryer repairs are done quickly and efficiently by our experienced technicians. We use only the best tools, parts, and materials for every faulty dryer job, so you can rest assured that your dryer will fix asap like new.

Our dryer repair technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose any problem quickly, so you don't have to wait days or weeks for dryer maintenance or repair. We also offer same-day service and can usually finish repairs within hours of arriving at your home. So if you want fast, reliable dryer repair services, look no further than Speedy Appliance Repair.

Popular Dryer Parts You Might Need To Replace

Bearing Kit
Circuit Board
Door Catch
Door Gaskets
Door Switch
Drum Bearing
Drum Belt
Drum Support Rollers
Flame Sensor
Flexible Duct
Heater Duct
Heating Element
High-limit Thermostat
Idler Pulley
Knob, Dial and Button

Common dryer problems:

There are innumerable issues that may occur with your dryer. Fortunately, when you choose Speedy Appliance Repair, we can help you with the best same-day dryer repairs when the:

Dryer isn't warming

Check the lint screen and venting system for obstructions. Clean them if necessary. If the problem persists, call in an expert right away. 

Dryer drum is turning but not heating up

Check the heating element, thermostat and thermal fuse for any signs of damage. Replace if necessary.

Dryer engine is running but not heating up

Inspect the dryer vent system for any clogs, and check the thermostat, thermal fuse and heating elements; replace if needed. Replace any worn-out parts as necessary.

Dryer is getting extremely hot

Check the airflow and inspect the lint screen for any obstructions. Clean them if necessary. If the issue persists, contact an expert immediately. 

Dryer stops working in the middle of a cycle

Check the power cord, dryer vent and lint screen for any signs of damage. Replace as necessary. If these don't help with dryer troubleshooting, contact an expert right away.

The control board in the dryer isn't lifting up

This could be caused by a faulty door latch or switch. Check both of these components and replace them if necessary. If the issue persists, contact our professionals right away.

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Dryer is creating a disturbance

Worn-out rollers, bearings or drum belts could cause this. Inspect these components and replace them if necessary. If the issue persists and the dryer is making strange noises, contact an expert right away. 

Dryer neglecting to dry garments appropriately

Check the drum belt and rollers for any signs of damage. Replace as necessary. If the issue persists, contact an expert right away. 

Dryer channel isn't sliding properly

There could be something blocking the air from getting out of your machine. Check the vent, lint screen and airflow to see if anything is in the way. If there is, clean it out so the air can move freely.

Dryer runs but stops in the middle

Worn-out rollers could cause this. Replace the rollers if needed and lubricate them for better performance.