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Burnaby, nestled in the heart of British Columbia, is a vibrant metropolis known for its stunning landscapes and urban sophistication. As the third-largest city in BC, it boasts a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences. From Burnaby Mountain's panoramic views to the bustling Metropolis at Metrotown, the city is an amalgamation of culture, recreation, and commerce. Whether it's the pristine Deer Lake Park or the educational haven of Simon Fraser University, Burnaby embodies BC's rich heritage and promising future.

Appliance Repair

Fridge Repair

Dryer Repair

Washer Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Freezer Repair

Commercial Fridge Repair

Appliances, especially household appliances, bring efficiency and convenience to our daily routines. When these essential tools falter, rely on Burnaby BC's premier service, Speedy Appliance Repair, to restore their performance and your peace of mind.
A malfunctioning refrigerator can lead to spoiled food, higher energy bills, and stress. Speedy Appliance Repair ensures your fridge runs smoothly, keeping your perishables fresh and energy costs down. Trust our team to diagnose and solve issues like irregular temperatures, leaks, or odd noises.
Clothes taking too long to dry? Hearing unfamiliar sounds? Speedy Appliance Repair in Burnaby, BC, restores your dryer to its optimal state, ensuring timely and efficient drying cycles while extending your appliance's lifespan.
A non-operational washer can disrupt your routine. At Speedy Appliance Repair, we prioritize quick yet thorough washer repairs, handling issues from spin cycle irregularities to leaks and ensuring you get clean clothes without the wait.
Say goodbye to handwashing and cloudy residues. Speedy Appliance Repair guarantees your dishwasher performs at its peak, making every cycle count. Based in Burnaby, BC, we address issues from water drainage to cycle interruptions.
Don't let a faulty freezer compromise your food's quality. Speedy Appliance Repair ensures a consistent freezing temperature, safeguarding your food items and ensuring they're preserved for longer.
Commercial fridges are the backbone of many businesses. Speedy Appliance Repair understands their importance, offering top-notch repair services in Burnaby, BC, ensuring your commercial fridge remains operational and protecting your bottom line.

Burnaby Appliance Repair Company

We Also Offer The Same Day Appliance Repair Service

Dishwasher Repair Burnaby

Relish the convenience of a fully functional dishwasher with Speedy Appliance Repair's top-notch services in Burnaby.

Common Dishwasher Problems

  • Not cleaning dishes properly.
  • Loud operational noises.
  • Leaking water.
  • Won't start or complete the cycle.
  • Dispensing problems.

Our Dishwasher Repair Service Includes

Our exceptional dishwasher repair offerings include:

  • Error code diagnosis.
  • Spray arm repairs.
  • Drainage solutions.
  • Door latch replacements.
  • General maintenance.

Popular Dishwasher Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific dishwasher brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Fridge Repair Burnaby

Refrigeration Repair Service

Burnaby residents no longer need to worry about malfunctioning refrigeration equipment, especially their fridges. Speedy Appliance Repair specializes in refrigerator servicing and offers prompt and efficient fridge repair services right at your doorstep.

Common Fridge Problems

  • Inadequate cooling or overcooling.
  • Strange noises from the back or bottom.
  • Water leakage.
  • Frost buildup.
  • Broken thermostat.

Our Fridge Repair Service Includes

Speedy Appliance Repair's comprehensive fridge repair services in Burnaby encompass:

  • A thorough diagnosis of the issue.
  • Use of genuine replacement parts.
  • Skilled technicians trained on all major fridge brands.
  • Warranty on repair work and parts.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Popular Refrigerator Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific refrigerator brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Freezer Repair Burnaby

Ensure your frozen delights are always preserved with Speedy Appliance Repair's efficient freezer repair services in Burnaby.

Common Freezer Problems

  • Inadequate freezing.
  • Unusual sounds.
  • Frequent defrost cycles.
  • Ice buildup.
  • Warning light malfunctions.

Our Freezer Repair Service Includes

Our freezer repair services guarantee:

  • Quick defrosting solutions.
  • Thermostat adjustments.
  • Seal and gasket replacements.
  • Coil and evaporator fixes.
  • Efficient temperature management.

Popular Freezer Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific freezer brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Dryer Repair Burnaby

Experience the convenience of quick dryer fixes in Burnaby by relying on Speedy Appliance Repair's expertise.

Common Dryer Problems

  • The dryer is not heating up.
  • Tumbling issues.
  • Loud noises during operation.
  • The dryer shut off unexpectedly.
  • Electrical glitches.

Our Dryer Repair Service Includes

At Speedy Appliance Repair, our dryer repair solutions include:

  • Identification of the malfunction.
  • Efficient and timely repair or replacement.
  • Safety checks post-repair.
  • Maintenance tips for prolonged appliance life.
  • Post-repair support.

Popular Dryer Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific dryer brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Washer Repair Burnaby

When it comes to washing machines, Burnaby residents can trust Speedy Appliance Repair. We offer unparalleled washer repair services, addressing everything from minor hitches to major malfunctions.

Common Washer Problems

  • Water is not draining.
  • The machine is not turning on.
  • Excessive vibrations.
  • Detergent dispenser issues.
  • Error messages on display.

Our Washer Repair Service Includes

Our washer repair services promise:

  • Complete system checks.
  • Efficient drainage solutions.
  • Door and lock fixes.
  • Spin cycle corrections.
  • Motor repairs and more.

Popular Washer Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific dryer brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Commercial Fridge Repair Burnaby

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Keep your business running smoothly with Speedy Appliance Repair's expert commercial fridge solutions in Burnaby.

Common Commercial Fridge Problems

  • Temperature inconsistencies.
  • Poor cooling efficiency.
  • Compressor issues.
  • Malfunctioning fans.
  • Refrigerant leaks.

Our Commercial Fridge Repair Includes

For commercial fridges, we provide:

  • Large-scale diagnostic assessments.
  • Prompt repair turnarounds.
  • Customized maintenance plans.
  • Advanced technical solutions.
  • Business-friendly schedules.

Popular Commercial Fridge Brands We Service In Burnaby

While you might not see your specific dryer brand listed here, rest assured that we're here to assist you with a wide range of brands.

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Appliance Brands We Repair in Burnaby

Why Trust Us As Your Local Appliance Repair Company?

Unwavering Dedication

Unwavering Dedication

Our commitment to appliance health is unparalleled in Burnaby.
Skilled Technicians

Skilled Technicians

Every technician is trained and experienced.
Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No surprises. Know the cost upfront.
Local Experts

Local Experts

Being local means, we understand Burnaby's unique appliance needs.
Prompt Services

Prompt Services

Our name isn't Speedy for nothing. Efficient and quick services every time.
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Why Trust Us As Your Local Appliance Repair Company?

FAQ about our Appliance Repair Service in Burnaby, BC

We specialize in repairing a range of household and commercial appliances, including fridges, dryers, washers, dishwashers, freezers, and commercial fridges.

We pride ourselves on our prompt service. Typically, a technician from Speedy Appliance Repair will visit your premises within 24 hours of booking, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

Yes, all our repair services come with a warranty. The duration and terms may vary depending on the specific repair service and parts used. Please inquire during your appointment booking for particular details.

Absolutely! All Speedy Appliance Repair technicians are certified and regularly undergo additional training to stay updated with the latest appliance technologies and repair methodologies.

Yes, at Speedy Appliance Repair, we prioritize the longevity and performance of your appliances. We use original or high-quality compatible parts for all our repair services.

You can call us directly or fill out the contact form on our website. After understanding the nature of the issue, we will provide you with an initial estimate. A more precise quote can be given after our technician inspects the appliance.

Yes, we understand that some appliance issues need immediate attention. While we strive to address all service calls promptly, we prioritize emergencies. Please inform us when booking your appointment if you have an urgent need.

Our technicians will inspect the appliance, diagnose the issue, and provide you with an honest recommendation. If a repair is feasible and cost-effective, we'll guide you in that direction. If it's more economical to replace the appliance, we'll inform you accordingly.

We accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers. If you have a specific payment method in mind, please confirm with us when scheduling your service.

Certainly! We understand that plans can change. If you need to reschedule, please inform us at least 24 hours before your initial appointment for maximum convenience.

We hope these FAQs help answer your questions about Speedy Appliance Repair in Burnaby, BC. If you have further queries, don't hesitate to reach out directly!

Postal Codes We Service In Burnaby For Our Appliance Repair Service

  • V3J
  • V3J 0A4
  • V3J 0A5
  • V3J 0A7
  • V3J 0A9
  • V3J 0B4
  • V3J 0C6
  • V3J 0G8
  • V3J 0G9
  • V3J 0H3
  • V3J 0L3
  • V3J 1A1
  • V3J 1A2
  • V3J 1A3
  • V3J 1A4
  • V3J 1A5
  • V3J 1A6
  • V3J 1A7
  • V3J 1A8
  • V3J 1A9
  • V3J 1B1
  • V3J 1B2
  • V3J 1B3
  • V3J 1B4
  • V3J 1B5
  • V3J 1B6
  • V3J 1B7
  • V3J 1B8
  • V3J 1B9
  • V3J 1C1
  • V3J 1C2
  • V3J 1C6
  • V3J 1C7
  • V3J 1C8
  • V3J 1C9
  • V3J 1E1
  • V3J 1E2
  • V3J 1E3
  • V3J 1E4
  • V3J 1E5
  • V3J 1E6
  • V3J 1E7
  • V3J 1E8
  • V3J 1E9
  • V3J 1G1
  • V3J 1G2
  • V3J 1G3
  • V3J 1G4
  • V3J 1G5
  • V3J 1G6
  • V3J 1G7
  • V3J 1G8
  • V3J 1G9
  • V3J 1H1
  • V3J 1H2
  • V3J 1H3
  • V3J 1H4
  • V3J 1H5
  • V3J 1H6
  • V3J 1H7
  • V3J 1H8
  • V3J 1H9
  • V3J 1J1
  • V3J 1J2
  • V3J 1J3
  • V3J 1J4
  • V3J 1J5
  • V3J 1J6
  • V3J 1J7
  • V3J 1J8
  • V3J 1J9
  • V3J 1K1
  • V3J 1K2
  • V3J 1K3
  • V3J 1K4
  • V3J 1K5
  • V3J 1K6
  • V3J 1K7
  • V3J 1K8
  • V3J 1K9
  • V3J 1L1
  • V3J 1L2
  • V3J 1L3
  • V3J 1L4
  • V3J 1L5
  • V3J 1L6
  • V3J 1L8
  • V3J 1L9
  • V3J 1M1
  • V3J 1M2
  • V3J 1M3
  • V3J 1M4
  • V3J 1M5
  • V3J 1M6
  • V3J 1M7
  • V3J 1M8
  • V3J 1M9
  • V3J 1N3
  • V3J 1N4
  • V3J 1N5
  • V3J 1R4
  • V3J 1R5
  • V3J 1R6
  • V3J 1R7
  • V3J 1S2
  • V3J 1S3
  • V3J 7A4
  • V3J 7A5
  • V3J 7B3
  • V3J 7B4
  • V3J 7B5
  • V3J 7B6
  • V3J 7B7
  • V3J 7C2
  • V3J 7C3
  • V3J 7C4
  • V3J 7C5
  • V3J 7C6
  • V3J 7E3
  • V3J 7E7
  • V3J 7E8
  • V3J 7E9
  • V3J 7G1
  • V3J 7G2
  • V3J 7G3
  • V3J 7G4
  • V3J 7G7
  • V3J 7G8
  • V3J 7J4
  • V3J 7J5
  • V3J 7J6
  • V3J 7J7
  • V3J 7J8
  • V3J 7J9
  • V3J 7K1
  • V3J 7K2
  • V3J 7K3
  • V3J 7K4
  • V3J 7L1
  • V3J 7L2
  • V3J 7M4
  • V3J 7M6
  • V3J 7N3
  • V3J 7N4
  • V3J 7N8
  • V3J 7N9
  • V3J 7R1
  • V3J 7S4
  • V3J 7T9
  • V3J 7W6
  • V3J 7X5
  • V3J 7Y2
  • V3J 7Y4
  • V3J 7Y5
  • V3N
  • V3N 0A1
  • V3N 0A2
  • V3N 0A3
  • V3N 0A4
  • V3N 0A5
  • V3N 0A6
  • V3N 0A7
  • V3N 0A8
  • V3N 0A9
  • V3N 0B1
  • V3N 0B2
  • V3N 0B3
  • V3N 0B4
  • V3N 0B5
  • V3N 0B6
  • V3N 0B7
  • V3N 0B9
  • V3N 0C1
  • V3N 0C2
  • V3N 0C3
  • V3N 0C4
  • V3N 0C5
  • V3N 0C6
  • V3N 0C7
  • V3N 0E1
  • V3N 0E2
  • V3N 0E3
  • V3N 0E5
  • V3N 0H5
  • V3N 0H7
  • V3N 1A2
  • V3N 1A3
  • V3N 1A4
  • V3N 1A5
  • V3N 1A6
  • V3N 1A7
  • V3N 1A8
  • V3N 1A9
  • V3N 1B1
  • V3N 1B2
  • V3N 1B3

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